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Rapid UHP ECO819

Rapid ECO819 Tyre is a High Performance Summer Tyre Designed to Complement the Performance of Sports Cars

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Production Description

UHP ECO819 Pattern Features

■Asymmetric pattern design Outside with circumferential straight groove Inside rug groove of shoulder area give high speeds handling Drain most of the water away from block surface
■High Wet Grip compound maximun resistance to aquaplaning
■State of the art tread compound Improvement for traction & stability

UHP ECO819 Specifications

UHP 195/50R15 82 V ECO819 1430 C
UHP 195/45R16 84 V ECO819 1350 C
UHP 195/55R16 87 V ECO819 1280 C
UHP 205/40R17 84 W ECO819 1160 C
UHP 205/45R17 88 W ECO819 1160 C
UHP 215/45R17 91 W ECO819 1070 C
UHP 215/55R17 98 W ECO819 940 C
UHP 225/45R17 94 W ECO819 990 C
UHP 225/50R17 98 W ECO819 930 C
UHP 235/45R17 97 W ECO819 900 C
UHP 225/40R18 92 W ECO819 960 C
UHP 245/40R18 97 Y ECO819 810 C
UHP 245/45R18 100 W ECO819 780 C


 RAPID ECO819 UHP Tires Advantages

  • Comfort: low tire noise, low vibration and impacts against obstacles.
  • High-performance: outstanding wear resistance and steering.
  • Symmetric tread pattern: symmetric tread patterns on both sides guarantee excellent high-speed straight running performance.
  • All-weather support: whenever on sunny or rainy days, summer or winter days, the tyre always provides good driving and grip force

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