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Get high-quality, affordable premium rapid tires for your truck or passenger car, with exceptional performance and durability for daily use or long-distance driving with great traction and stability in challenging weather. Choose rapid tires today!

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Rapid Tyres, To Build World-Class Tyre Brand

At present, the company’s annual output of passenger car tires 12 million, truck tires 6 million. One of them is RAPID brand, and provides contract manufacturing services for world famous tire brands. The products have passed DOT certification in the United States and ECE certification in Europe. Eu REACH, Brazil IN METRO certification, national mandatory product certification (3C certification), ISO TS16949, GCC certification, India BIS, SNI certification and other certifications. The company’s products with excellent performance and excellent quality, exported to Europe, the Middle East, Australia, America and other places, has been widely favored by customers all over the world.


With the strategic goal of “building a world-class tyre brand”, guided by the quality policy of “customer first, innovation-driven, intelligent manufacturing, the pursuit of excellence”, “Rapid” Tyre brand won the “China famous trademark” and “world famous tire brand”, “RAPID” brand car tire was identified as “European famous brand”, has been widely recognized by customers at home and abroad. Rapid Tyre sizes from 12inch to 24inch, covering HP, UHP, LTR, MT, AT, USV and commercial van tyres. Rapid Truck tyres from 6.50R16 to 12.00R24. 


Rapid Tyres Manufacturer will also further expand the domestic market, enhance Rapid tyre brand awareness in the domestic market. Adhering to the spirit of entrepreneurship and innovation, Shengtai Group has established the core cultural concept of “entrepreneurship as the foundation, the pursuit of truth, kindness and beauty”. Adhere to the quality first, ingenuity to create every tire, with a high sense of social responsibility and national confidence, continue to contribute value to the society.


Who makes Rapid Tyres

In terms of machinery and equipment, the Rapid Tyre Manufacturer mainly uses the Dutch VMI EXXIUM passenger car tire building machine (one-shot method). Features short cycle times, high efficiency and high throughput.
The device also gives the operator full flexibility to intervene in the production process if the tire structure is complex or the rubber components need to be adjusted manually. This produces the highest quality Rapid Tyre Brand.
Rapid Tyre Brand- From Chinese Famous Tyre Manufacturer 1982


The advanced Dutch VMI high-end one-shot molding machine is adopted, with less human participation, high degree of automation and high efficiency. It can produce 400-600 pieces per shift, and the single tire operation time is only about 40 seconds. High-precision equipment will steadily improve the tire’s uniform performance.


Mainly  used  for  belt  cutting,  with  the  advantages  of  high  cutting  precision,  high  cutting  efficiency  and  simple  equipment  maintenance.  The  belt  layer  can  be  cut  between  18  degrees  and  30  degrees,  and  the  cutting  speed  can  reach  22  knives  per  minute.  According  to  the  current  rolling  width,  the  coiling  speed  can  reach  60m/min.  At  the  same  time,  the  process  of  wrapping  and  welting  can  be  done.  The  hemming  speed  is  above  40m/min,  and  the  production  efficiency  is  high.  The  production  line  is  fully  automatic  joint  lamination,  and  can  also  realize  the  function  of  wide  cutting and cutting. On the basis of the original, the efficiency is increased by more than 50%.

Strict Quality Control

DB/UF test Machinery-JAPAN-KOBELCO

At present, the testing equipments all adopt Kobelco uniformity testing machine and Schenck dynamic balance testing machine imported from Japan. The advantages of this equipment are high testing accuracy, high testing efficiency, high testing stability and good reproducibility. The numerical deviation radial force is within 1kg, and the dynamic balance deviation is within 0.5 standard deviation.


The project has a total investment of about 120 million Yuan, covers an area of about 21,000 square meters, and has more than 50,400 cargo spaces. It can automatically sort 220 tires at the same time. The maximum inventory volume can reach 1.2 million; the maximum daily sorting volume can reach 40,000 pieces/day; the maximum shipment volume can reach 60,000 pieces/10 hours (6,000 pieces/hour). The computer scans the barcode on the tire to accurately determine the type of the tire, and then sorts, stores and takes it. The whole process of Rapid Tyre brand is fully automated and completed by different robots.

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About our future

( 1 ) Capacity situation: Rapid Tyre factory still has 4 to 5 million spare capacity for passenger car tires. Our company will first invest in batches according to the spare capacity.
( 2 ) Product structure: Our current PCR equipment is more suitable for large inch sizes. Whether it is Brazil or the other South America countries, the demand for large sizes is increasing, so this area is very suitable for the future planning and development of our enterprise.
( 3 ) Partners: If you can be our agent, it will be the first batch of key development customers of the Rapid Tyre Brand. Your opinion will be an important reference for us to make positive improvements, and we will also to the greatest extent possible to meet your company’s needs.
( 4 ) Market protection: Rapid Tyre Brand is one of the world’s top 500 enterprises, and we are state-owned enterprises. Therefore, it has higher reputation than other private companies. Once market protection is given to customers, it will not be released easily unless there are special circumstances.
( 5 ) Characteristics of new enterprises: Although our group is an old group company, it belongs to a new generation of enterprises in the tire industry, and the characteristics of new enterprises: everything is possible.

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