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Rapid Aoteli P907 RE (TAXI TYRE SERIES)

Aoteli P907 RE tires are designed for taxis, providing good wear resisitance, high mileage


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Production Description

Aoteli Tyres P907 Taxi Tyres Pattern Features

  • Three zigzag-pattern grooves + shoulder lateral grooves
    Such grooves deliver superior traction
  • Wide ground contact and deepened tread patterns
    Deliver longer mileage jit quite well for taxis and driving in urban-rural fringe areas.
  • Brand-new and super wear-resisting tread formula
    Such design delivers super longer mileage.
  • Super strong tyre body
    Aoteli P907 tyre design provides super safety and long lifespan.
  • Tread circumferential beveling knife-cut design
    Such design effectively reduces side slip and improves driving safety

Aoteli P907 Tyres Specifications

165/60R14 75 H P907-RE 1900
165/65R13 77 T P907-RE 2000
165/70R13 79 T P907-RE 1900
165/70R14 85 T P907-RE 1850
175/65R14 82 H P907-RE 1790
175/65R14 86 H P907-RE 1790
175/70R13 82 T P907-RE 1800
175/70R14 84 H P907-RE 1700
175/70R14 88 T P907-RE 1700
185/55R15 82 H P907-RE 1400
185/60R14 82 H P907-RE 1630
185/60R15 84 H P907-RE 1450
185/60R15 88 H P907-RE 1450
185/65R14 86 H P907-RE 1470
185/65R14 90 H P907-RE 1470
185/65R15 92 H P907-RE 1410
195/60R14 86 H P907-RE 1400
195/60R15 88 H P907-RE 1300
195/60R15 92 H P907-RE 1300
195/65R15 91 H P907-RE 1260
195/65R15 95 H P907-RE 1260
205/55R16 91 V P907-RE 1190
205/60R16 92 H P907-RE 1140
205/65R15 94 H P907-RE 1120
205/65R15 99 H P907-RE 1120
215/60R16 99 H P907-RE 1000

Aoteli Taxi Tyres P907 RE  Review

  • Comfort.
    low tire noise, low vibration and impacts against obstacles.
  • Super wear resistance.
    Excellent wet,wear and high speed performances.
  • Symmetric tread pattern
    symmetric tread patterns on both sides guarantee excellent high-speed straight running performance
  • All-weather support:
    whenever on sunny or rainy days, summer or winter days, Aoteli P907 tyre always provides good driving and grip force.

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