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Rapid Bluesnow (For Winter tire)

Rapid Bluesnow is Printed Out All Over The Tire, Manifesting Introduction of Blue Concept.

Rapid Bluesnow Snow-land steering: excellent steering on icy and snowy roads.
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Production Description

Rapid Bluesnow Tire Pattern Features

  • V-Shape directional tread patterns
    Such patterns endow tires with powerful evacuation of water, snow and rain, and make steering more stable and smooth on snowy and rainy days.
  • Inter-connected grooves and pocket tread patterns
    Introduction of such tread patterns makes tread blocks much softer, offers more contact area against road, and ensures more grip force on icy and snowy ways. Steering and braking of tyre are guaranteed, thus driving safety is ensured.
  • Three-dimensional pocket tread patterns
    Tyre circumference is filled with three-dimensional pocket tread patterns, thus tyre surface gets more contact area when it contacts the road, especially providing sufficient grip force and excellent response on icy and snowy ways, considerably improving steering and safety.
  • Innovation-based Silica tyre surface formula and enhanced tread primer
    The Rapid brand-new Silica tyre surface formula offers tyres excellent flexibility in low-temperature situations, and outstanding grip force and steering on freezing icy and snowy days. Meanwhile, we enhance the tread primer, which betters absorption of lateral force and ensures superior steering when tyres are running at high speed and full loads.
  • Introduction of Blue Concept
    Rapid “Blue Snow” is printed out all over the tyre, manifesting introduction of Blue Concept. Throughout processes of material selecting and tyre manufacturing, we always adopt the most environmentally friendly approach, caring your safety as well as protecting environment.

Rapid Bluesnow Tire Specifications

Category Inch Size Speed index Overall Diameter(MM) Section Width(MM) Standard Rim Max Load
Kg Kpa
Winter 14 185/60R14 82H 578 189 5½J 475 300
Winter 14 185/65R14 86H 596 189 5½J 530 300
Winter 15 185/65R15 88H 621 189 5½J 560 300
Winter 15 195/55R15 85H 595 201 6J 515 300
Winter 15 195/65R15 95H 635 201 6J 690 340
Winter 15 205/65R15 94H 647 209 6J 670 300
Winter 16 205/55R16 91V 632 214 6½J 615 300
Winter 16 205/60R16 96H 652 209 6J 710 340
Winter 16 215/55R16 97V 642 226 7J 730 340
Winter 16 215/60R16 99H 664 221 6½J 775 340
Winter 16 215/65R16 98H 686 221 6½J 750 300
Winter 16 225/55R16 99V 654 233 7J 775 340
Winter 17 225/45R17 94V 634 225 7½J 670 340
Winter 18 225/40R18 92H 637 230 8J 630 340
Winter 18 245/45R18 100V 677 243 8J 800 340
Winter 18 255/55R18 109V 737 265 8J 1030 340

Rapid Bluesnow Tire Advantages

Comfort: low tyre noise, low vibration and impacts against obstacles.

Snow-land steering: excellent steering on icy and snowy roads.

Directional tread patterns: high-speed stability of vehicle.

Winter tyre: offers good driving and grip force.

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