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Chairman Song Shide discusses investment and cooperation with Hainan Airlines Group leaders in the United States PART Company

On March 23, Chairman Song Shide went to PART company accompanied by Ren Weidong, Chairman of Hainan Airlines Group Changjiang Leasing Co., Ltd. and Tan Wentao, Vice President of Hainan Airlines Group Investment Co. They focused on the company\’s passenger aircraft to cargo aircraft project, aircraft dismantling project and aircraft furniture design project. After the […]

Environmental Information Disclosure Board of Shengtai Group Co.


I. Basic information of the enterpriseEnterprise name: Shengtai Group Co. Organization code: 74451889X Legal representative: Song WenqiAddress: West Water Industrial Zone, Dazhuang Town, Guangrao County Contact: 0546-6506070Business Scope: Production and sales: radial tires, rubber products, beads and wires; approved self-supporting import and export businessProduction scale: 2.2 million all-steel radial tires/year, 6 million high-performance semi-steel radial […]

The 9th Sales Business Annual Meeting, 2014, was held in Thailand

Ltd. successfully held the 9th Annual Salesmen\’s Conference 2014 in Bangkok, Thailand from Nov. 25 to Nov. 29, 2014, inviting more than 180 distributors and salesmen from all over the country to gather together and seek development prospects. The General Manager of the Group, Mr. Song Shiliang, also attended the annual meeting. After nearly thirty […]

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