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Environmental Information Disclosure Board of Shengtai Group Co.

I. Basic information of the enterprise
Enterprise name: Shengtai Group Co.


Organization code: 74451889X Legal representative: Song Wenqi
Address: West Water Industrial Zone, Dazhuang Town, Guangrao County Contact: 0546-6506070
Business Scope: Production and sales: radial tires, rubber products, beads and wires; approved self-supporting import and export business
Production scale: 2.2 million all-steel radial tires/year, 6 million high-performance semi-steel radial tires/year
Emission information 
Main pollutants: dust, smoke, waste water
Emission standards of pollutants: Comprehensive Emission Standards for Air Pollutants (GB16297-1996)
Emission Standards for Rubber Products Industry Pollutants (GB27632-2011)
Emission Standards for Odor Pollutants (GB14554-1993)
Water Quality Standards for Sewage Discharge into Urban Sewers (CJ343-2010)
Total emission: all-steel: COD≦1.58 tons/year, air pollutants≦4.81 tons/year
Semi-steel: COD≦0.48t/year, ammonia nitrogen≦0.05t/year
Emission concentration: soot 15.97mg/m³, non-methane total hydrocarbon 3.34 mg/m³, odor concentration 550 (dimensionless)
Emission mode: 1. dust, dense refining and calendering press-out waste gas is collected by the gas collection hood and dusted by bag dust collector, then treated by dry neutralization method and photocatalytic compound deodorization device and emitted through 30m high exhaust pipe; 2. sulfurization fumes are collected by the gas collection hood and treated by dry neutralization method and photocatalytic compound deodorization device and emitted through 17m high exhaust pipe.
Number and distribution of emission outlets: 37 for dense refining and 30 for sulfurization

(C) the construction and operation of pollution prevention facilities
The company\’s waste gas and odor pollution control project is mainly for the treatment of waste gas and odor produced by the rubber refining process and vulcanization process. The total investment of the project is more than 26 million yuan, using dry neutralization method + photo-oxidation catalytic composite deodorization process for treatment. The scale of the production flue gas treatment project for the rubber making process is 12 rubber making production lines, with 35 sets of odor treatment equipment, collection ducts and sealing systems, with a total processing air volume of 2.1 million cubic meters per hour. The scale of vulcanization process flue gas odor collection and treatment project is 11 vulcanization ditches, with 34 sets of odor treatment equipment, collection ducts and sealing system, and the total air volume is up to 1.1 million cubic meters/hour. The project was completed and started trial operation at the end of June 2012, and the Dongying Environmental Monitoring Station was commissioned to take samples for monitoring; according to the monitoring report, the treated exhaust gas index is much better than the emission standard. During the construction of the project, it has received strong support and concern from city and county leaders and environmental protection departments. Shengtai Group will also take the exhaust gas odor treatment project as an opportunity to continue to strengthen environmental protection efforts and actively promote the construction of environment-friendly enterprises.

(D) Environmental impact assessment of construction projects and other administrative permits for environmental protection
Annual production capacity of 1 million all-steel radial tires project DongHuanJianJi [2006] No. 230 DongHuanJi [2008] No. 2005
Annual production capacity of 1.2 million all-steel radial tires DongHuanFa [2007] No. 78 DongHuanJi [2008] No. 2006
Annual production capacity of 6 million pieces of semi-steel radial tires Dong Huanzhi [2011] No. 220 Dong Huanzhi [2017] No. 13
Pollution permit No.: East Sewage Discharge Certificate No. E00186

(V) Emergency Response Plan for Environmental Incidents
The company prepares \”Emergency Response Plan for Environmental Incident of Shengtai Group Co., Ltd\” as required and was recorded in December 2016, with the record number: 370523-2016-145-L.

(VI) Other environmental information that should be disclosed

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