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Winter tire -About the benefits you don’t know about in winter

Winter is coming, are you ready for Passenger Car Tire?

If not, then please wait and read this article to find out if you need a tire and why you should have one for your passenger car.

If you live in an area where temperatures regularly dip below 45 degrees F in winter, yes.

What if I live somewhere cold that doesn\’t get much snow?

You still need \’em—there\’s a reason they\’re called \”winter tires.\” The rubber compound in car tires is only formulated to work within a specific temperature range.

Generally speaking, the rubber in summer tires is formulated to perform well at temperatures from 50 to over 100 degrees. The tires use different rubber formulations that stay soft below 50 degrees.

A common misconception about winter tires is that you only need them when roads are covered in snow or ice. That\’s simply not the case. The best tires will provide good grip in all cold weather conditions, whether the road is wet or dry.

Aren\’t Winter PCR expensive?

If you get them from Shengtai Group, you will only need pay low-tires prices.

Next, let me recommend you some winter tires from Shengtai Group!

Winter Pro

Rapid Winter Pro Tires is a high-performance tire designed for a wide range of passenger and crossover vehicles. Winter Pro is a special pattern providing excellent performance on ice and snow.


The WINTER CHALLENGER TIRES is designed for vans which driving on snow and icy roads in winter. It has the coupling block pattern that provides stronger load capacity and stable handling performance


The Rapid WINTER DEFENDER (low profile tires)is designed for vans that driving on snow and icy roads in winter. It’s the best commercial winter van tyres, provides stronger load capacity and stable handling performance.


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